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A linguistic approach to personal development

TalkingPOOL Lab & Club was launched in 2010 as an effort to incorporate language acquisition into the framework of integrated multiple intelligence development. Over the past decade, our R&D team has brought together interdisciplinary studies in linguistics, psychology, sociology, and other fields. An interdisciplinary linguistic compositionality model has been proposed by Li, Maowen, following Kurt Lewin's advocacy of developing a general approach to social sciences. Related applications include Visual Grammar, Character-building Integrated Second Language Acquisition course, and a Task Engagement Benchmarking Tool, which are part of the iPBL programs embraced by our club members.

In addition to our in-house developed programs, Talkingpool, as an exchange platform, offers a wide range of training programs that cover various subjects, from general language acquistion to language for special purpose, from test preparation to family education, from career orientation to business workshops...

We serve organizations, families, and individuals. Welcome to our interest groups!

We were young...

Is our parenting style positively shaping our children before the critical period ends and our authority as parents diminishes?

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We are young...

As you sow, so you reap. Multiple intelligences are intertwined. A linguistic approach to personal development brings multiple fields into single tasks. IPBL learning is not only fun but also effective and meaningful.

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We serve...

Stepping out of academia, we recognize that many things change. We hear the call for adaptivity and are committed to serving ...

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Walk the talk

The path to success is not always guaranteed. If you happen to be a shining star, we often only see your gleaming facets, unaware of the hardships and pains that are concealed behind you. Opting to share your experiences with others could potentially help them evade similar struggles and accelerate their personal success. Becoming a coach or tutor offers the opportunity to guide others, helping them navigate past pitfalls on their path.

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Find an Exchange PAL

An exchange pal is someone who is interested in offering themselves as an exchange partner, participating in pilot programs, and/or joining activities organized by Talkingpool. To find an exchange partner via Talkingpool, you need to provide us with your name, age, gender, native language, exchange language, and any other interests you may have.

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Try out a POOL

A trial member is someone who would like to try out one of our series of seminars or workshops for evaluation purposes. We offer group training in the form of online seminars or workshops, as well as one-on-one training. To try out our services at Talkingpool, you need to indicate which of the four interest groups you are interested in and what your purpose or

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Join a POOL

If you are seeking a solution, orientation, or consultancy for any speficic field of insterest, including but not limited to language acquisition, translation, organizational behavior, business communication, character building, education, etc., we are delighted to offer our assistance or connect you with our club members who could provide help. Kindly

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If you are a star or authority in a field, do you value this opportunity: to transform personal success into collective achievement, and uplift group success into societal progress? By sharing your experiences and expertise as valuable resources for a broader audience. If your answer is yes, then consider becoming a part of the

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