TalkingPOOL Lab & Club was launched in 2010 as an effort to incorporate language acquisition into the framework of integrated multiple intelligence development. Over the past decade, our R&D team has brought together interdisciplinary studies in linguistics, psychology, sociology, and other fields. An interdisciplinary linguistic compositionality model has been proposed by Li, Maowen, following Kurt Lewin's advocacy of developing a general approach to social sciences. Related applications include Visual Grammar, Character-building Integrated Second Language Acquisition course, and a Task Engagement Benchmarking Tool, which are part of the iPBL programs embraced by our club members.

In addition to our in-house developed programs, Talkingpool, as an exchange platform, offers a wide range of training programs that cover various subjects, from general language acquistion to language for special purpose, from test preparation to family education, from career orientation to business workshops...

We serve organizations, families, and individuals. Welcome to our interest groups!